Scholarship and Activities Manager, The Freedom Story

Thodsaphon Kitta

Thodsaphon Kitta, the Scholarship and Activities Manager. Thodsaphon has worked with The Freedom Story for more than 8 years, growing and developing the prevention activities at our resource centers throughout that time, increasing attendance from 3-5 students to the current more than 200 who attend the resource centers every month. He holds a Master’s in Communication from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. He currently oversees four other staff under this program, ensuring program administration is smooth and efficient. In Nan, Kru Ball has been organizing activities like boys and girls clubs, and doing activities with guardians, talking about the importance of higher education, what benefits it has etc. He has been helping them solve issues that their children face while studying. He has been trying to support students to seek scholarships from other organizations. In cases where students cannot find funds, they have been taking students to dorms where the students can study and be taken care of. Learn more about The Freedom Story.

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