About Us


Investing in global leaders who choose to plant hope in their neighborhoods.


Partnering with organizations to provide future global leaders with character formation, competency, and opportunities, in order to confront and solve challenges with faith, hope, and love.


We believe in the power of active faith, generational hope, absolute love, and on-going support.

We believe practicing generosity, extending hospitality, and nurturing healthy relationships are at the heart of our faith.

We believe collaboration, with humility and wisdom, is often more valuable than mere funding.

We believe diversity – in all its forms – is necessary for learning, discovering, and implementing solutions to complex challenges.

We believe the solutions to vexing problems are rarely linear and believe working in that tension can be joyful.

We believe those bravely confronting the challenges of noble endeavors can inspire others to attempt the same.

History of the Roy & D’Aun Goble Foundation

In his book, Junkyard Wisdom: Resisting the Whisper of Wealth in a World of Broken Parts, Roy Goble recounts realizing how addictive wealth can become. It happened, in all places, in a waiting room at the dentist’s office as he flipped through a magazine article about the top ten hotels in the world. In his late 20’s, he realized he had been to seven of them!

Roy struggled with a mixture of competing emotions (a potent mix of pride, confusion, and embarrassment), so he talked to his wife D’Aun about the rising sense that something was amiss with how he viewed wealth. D’Aun responded, gently but with a touch of exasperation, “Honey, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time.”

The following conversations led to the establishment of the Roy & D’Aun Goble Foundation, often shortened to the Goble Family Foundation. For the first few years, they sought advice through trusted friends and faithful prayer, seeking to find how they could best blend their passion with the needs of the world. The answer came as they looked at the pattern of their giving – almost always to the underprivileged and youth, in global contexts or underrepresented communities.

Since then, they continue to grow their family real estate company as they launch nonprofits, fund work around the world, and serve on charitable boards. Their first effort was Hidden Lakes Retreat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Groups would come for weekend workshops focused on caring for God’s creation, a “hobby” ministry with only Roy and D’Aun hosting. Hidden Lakes Retreat grew into Target Earth International, which turned these teachings into works, eventually serving the poor in 27 nations. Today the primary operational focus of the Goble Family Foundation is Jaguar Creek, a jungle resort in Belize operated as a social enterprise.

Roy and D’Aun have always engaged their children, Rachel and Jedd, in the work. After college, Jedd helped with communication arts, from videography to website development. Today he is an iOS developer. Rachel established her own nonprofit during graduate school and in 2018 became the Executive Director of the Goble Family Foundation.

Goble Properties has been the funding energy behind the Foundation, and the amazing people who work there make all of this possible. Both Roy and D’Aun remain highly engaged with the company, while also managing a small vineyard, olive grove, and ranch in Northern California.

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