Partnering with organizations who provide future global leaders with character formation, competency and opportunities, in order to confront and solve challenges with faith, hope and love.

Jaguar Creek

A Social Impact Business of the Goble Family Foundation. 100% of proceeds are invested in education organizations. Jaguar Creek’s mission is to fill guests with awe through a truly unique Belize jungle lodge experience that adds positive value to the local communities. This is achieved through exceptional hospitality, mindful stewardship of creation, and all-encompassing worship. The Goble Family Foundation has committed to improving the future of Belize, encouraging entrepreneurship, and supporting the local economy. Jaguar Creek stands as a place where international travelers can come to rejuvenate, learn and serve.

The Freedom Story

Preventing child trafficking at the source. Provides educational scholarships, mentors, human rights classes, and community programs. The Freedom Story’s programs provide at-risk children and youth with the freedom of choice that arises from opportunity. The goal is to enable at-risk Thai students to stay in school, pursue their dreams, and break the cycle of poverty and exploitation. Trafficking is being prevented by providing much-needed resources and education to these children and building sustainable sources of income.

PathLight International

Empowering children in Belize to receive a quality education, break free from poverty, and reach their God-given potential. The majority of the net profit from Jaguar Creek goes to PathLight International, an innovative non-profit organization working with Belizean leadership to help change the lives of children, teachers and local communities.

Ethical Storytelling

A community of nonprofit practitioners & storytellers learning how to integrate a new standard of storytelling. Stories matter. Nonprofits tell stories to amplify awareness. Social impact organizations tell stories to raise money – to do the good they want to do. Ethical Storytelling shares those stories of good so donors, volunteers, and supporters can participate in the impact of their gifts. We tell stories to invite others in. Free and open-source resources empower these organizations in their communication, media, and missions.