Serving The Unhoused and Extremely Low-Income Residents of The Bay Area

Aaron Horner

Aaron Horner serves the unhoused and extremely low-income residents of the Bay Area. Covid-19, social distancing and shelter in place created a new set of challenges for his work. Aaron and his team responded to the expanding needs, stretching their programs and capacity. We are honored to present Aaron with The Freestarter Award with a financial donation to First Presbyterian Hayward to support their unhoused programs. 

Listen to Rachel’s brief interview with Aaron to learn more about his work. From creating a sustainable living space raising chickens to his work with First Presbyterian’s unhoused population, we hope his passion inspires you.

Each quarter, The Goble Family Foundation honors a FreestarterTM with a financial donation of $2,500

— plus a whole lot of love. If you see a FreestarterTM here, it’s because we deeply believe in what they are doing. We hope you, too, will be inspired by their bravery, out of the box thinking, trail blazing, perhaps sometimes wacky, work and ideas. And, perhaps, even choose to join them.

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